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Cast : Nara Rohit, Shubra ayyappa, Kota srinivas rao, Jaya prakash, Posani krishna murali and others.

Directed by : Prashant Mandava

Language : Telugu

Genre : Drama Action

Release date : 25th April 2014

Rating : 2.75/5

Music : Sai Karthik.

Bottom line : Director kills the good story with his lack of experience.

Plot : A journalist ( Nara rohit ) kidnaps the chief minister of andhra pradesh (kota srinivas rao) with the help of his friend, Sreekar ( Vishnu ) who is the son of a minister ( Giribabu) in an oldage home. He makes few demands to release the chief minister from his custody. Meanwhile, City commissioner( Posani Krishnamurali ) investigates the case and find out that sreekar is involve in this abduction. While in interrogation, sreekar reveals that kidnapper name is manchodu srinu and details. Media goes gaga over manchodu srinu. Investagation reveals alot of information about srinu. Who is manchodu srinu? What are his demands? will media findout the identity of a kidnapper? are main parts of the story.

Prashant mandava made his directorial debut with Prathinidhi. He failed to execute the good plot entertainingly. Anand ravj penned the story and dialogues brilliantly. He is damn impressive with his dialogues. Sai karthik composed back ground music brought soul to the scenes. Editing is okay. Cinematography is just alright. Production valuee are too poor.

Nara rohit is good as protagonist. He did a nice job. In few frames, his mannerisms reminded me of Mahesh babu. Vishnu’s role is not bad.Shubra
ayyappa made her debut. She hasn’t got much screen space to prove her mettle. Kota srinivas rao did a good job. Posan8 krishna murali is managed to tickle the funny bone with double entendres.
Rest of the cast is okay in their roles.

Go and watch it for good story.

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