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Prema Ishq Kaadhal

Cast : Harshavardhan Rane, Sri Vishnu, Harsh varma, Ritu Varma, Vithika, Sri Mukhi and Others.

Directed by : Pavan sadeneni

Language : Telugu

Genre : Romance Comedy

Release date : 6th december 2013

Rating : 3/5

Music : B shravan

Bottom Line : Narrated the routine stories in a different style.

Plot : As title says this is the three couples love stories. Randhir AKA Randy ( Harshavardhan Rane) is a musician. He owns a coffee shop.He is always feel lonely. He is an introvert too. Sarayu ( vithika ) is following after him to convince him to do a concert in her college. Randhir is intially reluctant to do concert but he accept the offer after several incidents. They fall in love with each other. In second story, Arjun ( Harish varma) is an RJ by profession. He is a play boy. One day he comes across Shanti ( Sri Mukhi) who is a techie. The have both have a common friend snigdha ( snigdha) .Shanti is hesitate to talk with arjun because of play boy nature. She is finally fall for him. In the third story, Royal Raju (Sri Vishnu) is an illerate village guy. He comes to hyderabad to sweep a city a girl.He joins as a assitant director for a film.Sameera ( Ritu Varma) is a costume designer for the same film. One night raju saves sameera as she in inebriate condition on the road that incident triggers friendship between them. What happened in their love stories. How they break up? what they realise at the end? Forms the crux of the story.

This kind of love stories are not new to telugu audience but pavan narrated the all three love stories in a sensible way. Editing is just perfect. Shravan composed music is catchy Cinematography is just great. The production values are so rich.

Except Harshvardhan rane, rest of the lead actors have made their debuts with this movie. Harshavardhan Rane has shown alot of maturity in his. performance. Rest of the cast have done commendable job. The comed track played on satya and Rajesh is just good.

However, You can PIK this movie for this weekend..

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