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Premam movie Analysis – A beautiful love story with great visuals and nice songs

Finally watched Premam on DVD as the movie generated a lot of hype when it got released and became a biggest blockbuster of Malayalam cinema.So whats so special about the movie?

Story is a love story of a guy named David played by Nivin (Banglore days fame-remembered?that awkward guy in the team ,yeah he is this guy and surprisingly he looked quite massy in college role) and how he transformed from his childhood to late 20s and how he is being in love with different persons in his life.Story is nothing new but the execution is great and movie remained me as Naa Autograph with theme and so many similarities are there

I will not spoil anything but giving a brief idea on this ,Movie starts with


David following Marry played by Anupama Parameshwaran in his plus 2 days .This setting(following on cycles,waiting at different locations,calling to landline phones on nights) will be familiar with many of us when you are watching the movie.This total story is quite hilarious and there is so much freshness as adolescent love with Camera colors and movements.T his story looked quite bright with lots of greenery locations.Anupama Parameswaran I quite good in her brief role as a school girl(but not able to understand the hype surrounding her-yeah she is pretty,expressions are good but she is not having an age or charisma to play a full length heroine as of now-and she signed 3 telugu movies with raviteja,nithin,naga chaitanaya -our tollywood bringing new faces to create interest in audience but they have to keep in mind story and give suitable roles instead of giving roles to create hype in their projects)


Second story is about his college days and hero looked quite rebel in this role and movie color is now having very rugged look compared to the first story .This story is also comedy is good and he excelled in this story as a student brat


Now movie will be focus to his late 20’s role and now movie tone wise and character wise is having a much matured look in its execution,Director opened these scenes with  a cake shop and hero is sitting lonely establishing how lonely his life is now  and watch movie how the movie will ends

Basically movie deals with the love and complexities of love ,how we will meet accidently people and fell love with them,some will succeed and some wont that means life wont stop-again life will starts as a butterfly coming out of a caterpillar with lots of pain but with a new hope. This is the theme and with nice music and extraordinary cinematography made this movie a special movie. songs are shot very beautifully ,Lyrics are extremy good some of them are


‘Life is at bad phase,Physical appreance is even worse,the luck line disappread -this is a 3rd song and done with superb camera movements like reverse screens by showing his life turned upside down

‘Don’t want this girl,dont want that girl,dont want any og them,this is total waste,I don’t have 24 hrs to waste to date a girl’ -this song is shot on night and on very fast paced camera techniques

‘This sis a new age,new world,generations changed,while you are busy with life lok back your past and smile ‘ -signifying your pain and wounds will be healed by time

Finally Premem is shouldn’t be missed out for its performances,music and cinematography Watch it and immerse yourself in a fresh screenplay and beautifully songs




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