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Ra Ra Krishnayya

Ra Ra Krishnayya

Cast : Jagapathi Babu, Sundeep kishan, Regina Cassandra, Kalyani, Tanikella Bharani and Others.

Directed by : P Mahesh Babu.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Romance.

Release date : 4th july 2014.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : Achu

BottomLine : Director could have been come up with a new story.

Plot : Kittu ( Sundeep Kishan ) is a taxi driver in chennai who dreams of having his own travel agency. He works for a cunning travel agency owner, Manikyam ( Tanikella bharani ) and saves all his money at him. With some inferiorty manikyam swindles kittu. Meanwhile, Nandeshwari ( Regina cassandra ) who is the only daughter of manikyam, wants to run away from her
unwanted engagement ceremony. kittu enters into manikyam’s house in inebriated condition and threats manikyam with machete to kidnap his only daughter. Nandeshwari runs away with kittu. Next day morning kittu realises the kidnap drama. so, he wants to return her to manikyam, but Nandeshwari threats him that she will tarnish his character. As a helpless guy, He does whatever she says. During this course they fall in love with each other. In the meantime a man kidnaps her.Who is that man? Why he kidnap Nandeshwari? How the young love birds pair up again?? Forms the crux of the story.

The man at the helm has made his debut. The main drawback of this film is story. P.Mahesh babu might be inspired from a bollywood flick ” Tere Naal love Hogaya” which was the unauthorized remake of Hollywood flick ” A life less ordinary”. mahesh could have been come up with an innovative story instead of hackneyed one. The movie has started on a dull note but picked up pace in the middle of first half. Second half is okay. Editing is not bad. Cinematography is nice especially in fight sequences. Achu rajmani scored music, It’s okay. Production values are good.

Jagapathi babu did a good job in his role. Sundeep kishan has already proved his acting skills, even this time, he has done a nice job. Regina’s performance is one of the positive points for the film, she has the capability to become a top heroine in TFI. Kalyani is okay in her limited role. Tanikella bharani is good in his role. The supporting cast is okay.

The banal script spoils the fine performances of lead actors. You can go to this film for timepass.

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