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Rajeev masand full interview video with pawan-discussed on films,personal life and politics

Rajeev Masand did great job in research and questions put to powerstar.

1.Rajjev asked Pawan “who is Pawan  klayan ?”Actor or Farmer or Politician

Pawan replies I am clubbed by 3 things

2.Pawan doesn’t force his son to films but if Akiera or his daughter want to go into films he completely ok with it

3.European cinema or western cinema stories are easy to write but Indian films has to told with entertainment,good winning on evil and a great happy ending should be there.So it is difficult to write indian movies

4.Pawan likes action very much and he never sat on horses till gabbar singh

5.He respects nature

6.Politics will effect daily lives of people so he wants to be in part of politics to connect with society

7.Rajeev asked about sardaar audio chiru speech on handling politics and movies for that pawan replied he will be associated with films as producer or writer

8.Pawan follows whats happening in hindi films and he last liked film is Chennai express.He likes all imtiaz ali movies

9.Pawan met bachhans and they are nice people and he didn’t got opportunity to meet khans

10.Rajjev asked about his rivalary with Mahesh and Pawan replied that I don’t have rivalary with individuals and he ,Mahesh fight againist piracy

11.Pawan’s son name Akeira is named after famous director Akeira kusurova

12.He doesn’t understand the concept of Intolerance and actors make statements they should stick to it

13.Talked about student ended his life and he hates when media tags some as Dalit or cast based headlines

14.JNU issue is anything antinational is unacceptable

15.His family never understand about his philosophy that’s why his personal life constantly suffering

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