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Rakshashudu review – A heist with ghosts and feast for fans

Rating : 3.25/5

Cast :Surya,NayanTara,Pranitha and  Others.

Director : Venkat Prabhu.

Language : Telugu / Tamil.

Genre : Action Horror Comedy.

Release Date : 29 June 2015.

Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja .

Bottom Line : A heist with ghosts and feast for fans.

After Sikhindar,brothers another hyped film from Surya is Rakshashudu.Lets see movie met the audience expectations or not in the review

Coming to the story, Madhusudhan aka Mass played by Surya  is a Con man who loots gangs for small amounts of money.After an initial con gone wrong Surya and his friends escapes from a local gang. While escaping  in a car from that gang they meet with an accident .After that accident Surya is able to see ghosts everywhere.Ghosts ask Surya for his help in return they will help him to loot money .Story is quite interesting although this zoner is already heavily used by lawrence ,Venkat Prabhu makes it in a quite interesting way with a star hero like Surya .

Coming to  Performances as usual Surya rocked with his style quotient and flawless acting in two characters.He emoted very well in emotional scenes and in action scenes he is quite good as usual.His entry is quite good in start of the movie and his entry in interval bang is very massy with its back ground music and stylish walk.(What a screen presence he is having ,you have to watch in theaters with crowds ).Nayantara is good in her role although their romantic track is predictable .Pranitha is like a cameo role and she is having one romantic song with surya.Premji and ghost gang good in humor roles and villain gang is having limited scenes.

Venkat Prabhu again succeeded in his direction.Like mankatha his previous film ,this film is also stylish in its execution and having small heist concept with revenge as main backdrop of the film .Most of the film makers will tell complex stories with many twists and they confuse audience or can’t cater all types of audience but Venkat Prabhu executes his story in a way that every audience can connect his film easily.He takes a very simple story line like a thin thread and ties knots in first half of the film and unties all knots in 2nd half of the film.Thats why audience feels thrill when mystery is unfolding infroth of their eyes.Film is having good number of twists.Music by Yuvan Shankar is good especially background music.Songs are not that much good while first Song is shot quite stylish and Jeevanam song is shot in a very emotional way .Fights are okay .

Climax is very routine and revenge drama is not having any mind games with villains.CGI in first half is very bad.Ghost concept is executed very well .Comedy using ghosts is a nice try by the director.Surya’s Ghost treat is delight to watch.Flashback episode is also fact paced and executed good.Editing is good but should have been trimmed some scenes.Cinematrography is quite good and songs shot very well

Overall with Suryas’s brilliant performance,with Venkat Prabhu’s different stylish execution film is atleast one time watch.Watch it in theaters for a hair raising action horror entertainment

Reviewed by – Cinemababu




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