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Ram Charan Happy with Kalyan Ram’s ‘Om’ !!

It is a known news that Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s praised Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s ‘om’ movie some time ago. Since the director of this movie, Sunil Reddy, is a good friend of Ram Charan, obviously, Ram Charan is hoping the success of this movie.

Moreover, the movie has received good pre release buzz from inside sources.And no wonder, if the movie scores a hit, the director may get a chance to work with Ram Charan. Let’s hope so.

Nikisha Patel and Krithi Kharbanda have done opposite to Kalyan Ram in this 3D action entertainer. Hollywood technicians have worked for the action sequences and visual effects of this movie. Kalyan Ram himself produced the movie on NTR Arts. The movie is gearing up for release on 19th of this month.

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