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Ram Charan has no qualms sharing about his personal life

It is a known fact that the Mega family heroes like to keep their personal lives private and to themselves. It can be said that they are media shy. But it looks like Mega Power Star is being a revolutionary and is breaking the barriers. Cherry is disclosing a lot about him to the media these days, even some personal things that are a secret to his father even today.

Of the personal things that Cherry disclosed to the media one is that about his schooling days. Cherry reportedly said that he was a naughty boy in his childhood because of which he was thrown out of eight schools. He said that he formed unions in colleges and he was supported by his lecturers against his principal.

Cherry said that his biggest support is his mother and said that his mother supported him before his father too. Cherry added saying that he wanted a wife like his mother and he is happy that his wife Upasana is just like that. He went on to say that he likes independent women, which she is and said that Upasana is the one for him and that she managed to tap into the other side of his being.

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