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Ram Charan loses with Sania Mirza !!

It is a known fact that Mega Power Star Ram Charan is an ardent lover of sports and it is Upasana also encourages Ram Charan in his sports activities. Ram Charan has many sports that he likes but it looks like he found interest in one more popular sport. The new popular sport to which Cherry is inclined is Tennis.

Ram Charan and his wife Upasana attended the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of ‘Military College of Electronic and Mechanical Engineering’ and participated in 5K run 2K run along with Tennis Star Sania Mirza. It is reportedly heard that Cherry had a playful moment of a game of tennis with Sania as they visited Sania Mirza Tennis Academy at Murtuzaguda.

According to the sources it is reportedly heard that Ram Charan put all his strength and intensity while he played the friendly match with the tennis star. Despite his intense performance Mega Power Star lost to the Tennis Star in the friendly match, but Cherry was appreciated for his spirit for the game by the ones who watched him play.

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