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Ram Charan’s Yevadu Censor Report

Mega Power star Ram Charan starrer ‘Yevadu ‘ went through the censor formalities yesterday afternoon . The movie was screened before Dhana Laxmi and her team at 3:00pm , the film has passed the Censor formalities in flying colors and came away with a ‘A ‘ certification with no cuts.

Super Reports for Yevadu from Censor board as the Censor team praised the makers for – High levels of intensity & heroism at peaks in the film.

According to initial reports, Although Yevadu may not repeat his Magadheera range of success as claimed by the makers but its far better than his previous super hit film Naayak in content wise and presentation.

Sources say, The movie has lot of content to say, The graph of the movie picks up from pre interval and reaches peaks at climax in a 90 degree vertical angle. The main highlights of the film are fantastic dances, mind blowing fights ,good BGM from Devi and very good content with perfect screenplay. The length is about 2:28 hrs. Allu Arjun role is about 8-10 minutes. Overall, Yevadu is carrying very positive reports from censor. Yevadu search begins on ……. 31st July.

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