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Ram Charan’s Yevadu Leaked Story

Here we are exclusively presenting the film’s original story. Allu Arjun and Kajal Agarwal see each other. When Bunny involves in a brawl with baddies, they hits him and his girlfriend badly. They are joined in a hospital. Kajal dies in the incident. Bunny is in critical condition with zero hopes, but his neural system (brain) is active.

At the same time, Ram Charan is also joined in the same hospital in an accident case. His neural system goes inactive due to heavy damage, so brain transplantation is need for him. Thus, the doctors transplant Bunny’s brain to Charan. From then on, Charan behaves like Bunny. The body is of Charan, but the soul is of Bunny. Allu Arjun starts hunting villains and how he takes revenge forms the rest.

So, Charan had to act, behave and follow the mannerisms of Bunny. It is difficult for any hero to carry on other star’s mannerisms. But, as per inner sources, Charan acted with ease and transmitted into Bunny’s role perfectly. Let’s see how Vamsi Paidipally succeeded in maintaining thrill till the climax……

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