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Ram Charan turning to Trivikram for image change

Every director has his own USP and will be spoken about his unique trait. For example ace director S S Rajamouli is often spoken about for his unbeaten record and his technical excellence, while Puri Jagannadh for the rate at which he makes his films. One director is known for his intellectual brilliance and dialogues and that is Trivikram Srinivas.

The kind of logic he presents in his films and dialogues is by far the best. Many heroes are remembered for delivering the powerful yet simple logical dialogues written by Trivikram. Now it is reportedly heard that another big actor has approached Trivikram. He is none other than Mega Power star Ram Charan.

Cherry, who has been doing only mass masala and commercial films, has reportedly asked Trivikram to come up with a script of his own style that will show Cherry in a different image. It is reportedly heard that a film has been confirmed between Cherry and Trivikram which will be produced by Radhakrishna.

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