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Ram Gopal varma press release note on his Next movie of Dawod Ibrahim

My next Hindi film after Veerappan is titled Government

(Not to be confused with Sarkar 3 which is a different film)

The concept of Government

Though the film Company was supposed to be a true life inspiration based upon the Dawood Ibrahim – Chota Rajan relationship, it was quite evident that the entire later part of Company was completely fictional far away from the reality of what actually happened.

The reality of that aspect will be now shown in Government.

As long as Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan were together they had an iron grip on the Mumbai crime world which ironically was the main reason for peace in the city. That’s because none of the gangs had the courage to tangle with the D-company and hence they were compelled to lie low under its shadow.

But after the split between Dawood and Rajan a number of splinter gangs rose up who started fighting for supremacy thus creating an unprecedented upsurge in contract killings, extortion and various other criminal activities.

This alarming situation got even more worsened because, the head of the D company started mixing up with terrorist organisations and also anti national forces like the ISI.

With Chota Rajan on the defensive and the D company on a war footing the Government had no other choice but to forge a strategic alliance with Chota Rajan to put a check mate on the D company.

Against this above backdrop my new film Government will track the story of

  1. The post split intergang rivalry between Rajan and Dawood which got further complicated because of the unexpected rise of Abu Salem who challenged the authority of Chota Shakeel.
  2. The reinvention of Chota Rajan as a patriotic don who started serving his own justice to all the D company members who escaped the Indian justice system.
  3. And above all it will show the ultra delicate and immensely complex relationship between a criminal organisation and a Government organisation which recently got exposed in the Chota Rajan capture.

Government as a film will venture into areas where no other underworld film has ever dared to enter which will include.

  1. The actual truth behind the Underworld/Bollywood nexus
  2. The politico-police-underworld relationships
  3. The cut throat betrayals in among both the gangs and the Government agents
  4. And above all it will differentiate between an underworld Don doing Crime as a duty and the Government doing a crime for duty

The key characters in the film “Government” will be

Chhota Rajan

Abu Salem

Chhota Shakeel

Anees Ibrahim

Sujatha (Chhota Rajan’s wife)

Monica bedi

Ajit Doval (National Security Adviser)

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh

Sharad Pawar

Arun Gawli

Bala saheb Thackeray


Dawood Ibrahim

                                                                                                                                                                        — Ram Gopal Varma

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