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Ram Gopal Varma Via twitter about Pawankalyan

RGV , who himself created a brand in term of movies and tweets had opened his views on Pawan kalyan. He tweeted that

“I really hope Pawan Kalyan will start his own party..he will be the most dynamic among all actor turned leaders right from Mgr to Chiranjeevi;;

I never voted in my life. ..but I will stand in line and vote for Pawan Kalyan

Its not that Pawan Kalyan needs my vote…from whatever information I have from various people entire Andhra Pradesh is waiting to vote for him

Not since Bal Thackeray did I see such intensity and charisma… commitment in his eyes and honesty in thoughts is what makes Pawan Kalyan

I strongly believe that if Pawan Kalyan headed PRP it would have won with a thumping majority

Nenu kalyan tho cinema cheyyadaniki aa tweets anukunte nenu kalyan ni kalisi 5 samvastharalayindhi..kalise vuddheshyam kuda ledu

Oka director ga kaadhu kevalam andhra pradesh pouruduga pettina tweets avi

Nenichhina tweets chiranjeevigaariki againstgaa kaadhu Pawan Kalyan ki for gaa”

This shows Power of Powerstar to all the Indians…..

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