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Ramayya Vastavayya movie Review

Cast : Jr.NTR, Samantha, Shruti Hassan, Rohini Hattangadi and Others

Director : Harish Shankar

Language : Telugu

Genre : Action Romance

Release date :11th october 2013

Rating : 2.75/5

Music : Ss Thaman

Bottom Line : A complete action Entertainer

Plot : Nandu( Jr.Ntr) is a college student. He bumps into a rich girl,Akshara (Samantha). He makes several attempts to woo her. He comes across Akshara’s granny, Shamili (Rohini Hattangadi), she is impressed with nandu’s love for akshara. He is gradually getting close with Akshara’s family.Meanwhile, Naga bhushanam (Mukesh rishi) who is father of akshara, getting life threaten calls from Ajay and phani while preparing for his elder daughter’s wedding. So he tightens security for wedding. Nandu is invited for that wedding by bride. Nandu assures bhushanam to resuce from ajay and phani. Nandu is eventually killed bhushnam.Subsequently, A CBI officer, Avinash( Rao Ramesh) investigated the murder case of naga bhushanam and ascertain that nandu is the murderer. As avinash trying to apprehend nandu, the latter escapes with akshara by pointing gun at her.Later,Nandu narrates to akshara about her father crimes done in adityapuram village.What is his relation with adityapuram.Why did he kill nagabhushanam are main parts of the story.

Ramayya vastavayya has offered nothing new story to us. We have had come across this sort of stories in two decades. After a blockbuster hit with gabbar singh, Director, Harish shankar made this film with junior NTR.He tried his best to show NTR in a new angle. He should have been take care of gory action sequences in second half.Those action sequences are quite hackneyed. First half has offered few chuckles . Coming to the second half, it is filled with lots of gory scenes. Vulgar dialogues and drama. Junior NTR’s comedy timming is a treat to watch. Samantha looks so gorgeeous But she hasn’t got substantial role to prove her mettle.whereas, shruthi hassan got a minimial role. Her character has lots of importance. Rohini hattangadi is impressive as modern granny.The rest of the cast have done a good job. Chota K naidu’s cinematogrphy is a visual treat to watch. Thaman’s music fits well for the movie. BGM is damn good. All I can say that this is one man show. Go and watch it.

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