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Real Police protection for Reel Police!!!!!

Mega Power Star Ram Charan’s ‘Thoofan’ is getting ready for its release on September 6th. However, some hurdles are being created in Seemandhra area, where people are participating in a massive movement against the bifurcation of the state. Exhibitors are said to be worried about sustaining property damage,if they go ahead with the screening of ‘Thoofan’. The producers of the film, Reliance Entertainments, have approached the Andhra Pradesh High Court to seek police protection for the theaters screening ‘Thoofan’. The petition will be heard today and film circles will be watching the developments quite keenly.

If ‘Thoofan’ manages to release without any major hiccups, it will pave the way for the release of other big budget films which have been stuck due to the political agitation.

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