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Reason behind Pawan Kalyan’s name in Attarintiki Daredi Movie !!

The name of Pawan Kalyan’s upcoming film Atharintiki Daredi is quite interesting as it points to three top families members of Tollywood which are ruling the industry.

Pawan Kalyan name Goutham Nanda represents the entire Tollywood and reminds that Everyone in the industry are part of him as Pawan said, Tollywood is like his extended family.

First in the list is Ghattamaneni family’s Mahesh Babu’s son Goutham Krishna from which Goutham is picked.

Second in the list is the famous Nandamuri family from which Nanda is picked.

Last but not least, his own son Akari Nandan, from which Nanda is attached to his character name.

Although, these are just assumptions, but one of the unit members reveals that, the name of Pawan Kalyan is synonymous with Sensible, Innocent, Patient, Unaffected, Lively, Fearless, Original, Thinker, Full of Joy and Achiever. Pawan Kalyan made sure that he lives up to his reputation by playing such variations in his character.

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