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Requiem of dream movie Analysis – A must watch movie to know the horrific effects of drugs

As current Drug news is very bad its our duty to know the worst effects of drugs .

Most of Hollywood movies especially teen movies shows drugs as cool and like an experience one should not miss but this movie by daron is a brave movie and serves its purpose

Movies tells a story about a young college boy drawn into drugs by his friend to sell them on roads .As journey progresses he addict to drugs .many scenes showing the hallucination ,the cravings and the loss associated with drugs

Flim starts with some positive scenes and by end we will see the completer negative effects of drug usage.The movie is not about a positive ending but it shows the cruel reality associated with consumption of drugs .Film involved another character hero’s girlfriends becomes a complete addict and hoe she forced into certain things for sake of just her cravings for drugs is very hard to watch .

Another character in the film wants to appear on TV screen but she became old so she tries medical drugs for beauty. Initially she will feel more happy ,she loses weight and her focus increases .This is what exactly happens to most of Drug consumers as they see the positives and completely ignore negatives thinking that somehow overpower them .She gradually faces ringing in ears,strange sounds,hallucination so strong that by end of the movie she completely becomes mad

Movie shows how young people are being introduced to drugs in pubs,peer pressure and for sake of experience but they failed to notice the dangers associated with consumption of drugs because these will change the entire brain structure as cravings and these people never come out of them .Some people are being introduced to treat their empty lives with an alternative hallucination world but whom you are trying to deceive?from who you are trying to escape?to whom you are deceiving ?yourselves

Movie is having one of the best soundtrack and editing is excellent.Very fast cuts and director used editing to tell the story in most efficient manner as possible.This movie is a technically brilliant film with well told social message with brilliant emotional journey

Movie is not an easy watch but this movie should be viewed by everyone because even a small though occurred in your mind to try drugs then this movies completely changes that thought.Colleges should promote this film as drug awareness program so that it will reach to more people.Share this movie as much as possible with everyone so they will get the hard reality associated with drugs

The best example is current No1 Hollywood actor Robert downey Jr who wasted his talent and almost pushed away by Hollywood .he lost most prime time of career of 15 years in Hollywood for Drugs.Once he successfully rehab-ed and accepted the fact that drugs are very bad he became a great success again .So why to waste life for small trivial experiences while you can be more peaceful,successful and healthy

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