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RGV next project on Telangana?

RGV is the most controversial director in Film Industry who always searches for present and realistic situations and makes a movie on base of that point. Now it is heard that he has chosen the issue of “separate Telangana”. If this is true it is once again proved that he is the One Courageous film director who even after bombarded with people criticism and flop films he always try to make the one which he decided to do.

This film should be interesting one as RGV is known to show the reality to the people. When a subject is chosen, he always does clear investigation and reveals the off screen secrets and try to make it as realistic as possible. This will make people get to know the reality behind Telangana.

If one is wondering whether RGV will supporting Telangana or United AP, then you can take a chance with United AP. This is the tweet from RGV just couple of hours back “Not getting into technicalities I find it ironical tht an italian a kannadiga a tamilian a bihari and a hindi joined hands to divide telugus”

On the other hand it is also said that his next venture will be on Actress Jiah Khan who recently found dead in her apartment. Not sure which one of these two projects turns out next, but either of these are real stories.

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