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RGV Supports Karan Johar

It is known that AIB (All India Bakchod) Knockout show has been in controversy. Karan Johar has faced wrath of the some community in maharstra for partaking in the show. Mumbai police and maharastra government are probing the case. Now RGV takes twitter to support his fellow film maker Karan Johar.

“The AiB show is final proof thy India has finally come of age nd I truly appreciate Karan for taking the plunge or more correctly the leap.Karan took the lid off of a volcano of lies nd hypocrisies and history will remember him as the guy who invented a new india.Anyone who condemns Karan’s AIB Show whether from government or various organisations are just the figure heads of repressive regressions.The sheer popularity of the AIB also shud b a call to the censor board to wake up smell the coffee nd look out the window at a new India.I feel what Karan did in AIB in time wil most certainly have a irreversible Before Karan/After Karan effect on the way india looks at itself.What everybody knows,everybody feels Karan had the guts to spearhead and also that he did it in that kind of style And intensity I am blown.What books sociologists scholars couldn’t do in decades Karan Johar did in 2 hours in a highly entertaining show nd that too so simply.For me AIB is not a comedy show ..its a k j ‘s philosophical treatise on uprooting a hypocritical society and to grow an all new one.Whoever reacting negativly on AIB r just 2 bit dirt cheap publicity mongers who r Jst trying 2 get in ther own 2 bit reflected light of AIB”  He Tweeted.

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