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Rowdy Fellow

Cast : Nara Rohit, Vishakha Singh, Rao Ramesh, Ajay, Posani krishna murali and Others.

Directed by : Krishna Chaitanya.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Drama, Action and Comedy.

Release Date : 21st November 2014.

Rating : 3/5.

Music : Sunny MR

Bottom Line : Egotistic man vs Power Hungry person.

Plot : Jaydev Rana Prathap ( Nara Rohit ) is an egotistic and rich man who always try to settle the personal scores if someone hurts his ego. One day An SP ( Ahuthi Prasad ) hurts his ego so he decides to become a police officer to get the under skin of SP. Jaydev becomes an SI with the help of a broker. He posted to the area where the people are fearful of an MP (member of parliament) named Durga Prasad ( Rao Ramesh).Durga prasad hurts the ego of jaydev. How Jaydev will deal with Durga prasad and his minions forms the crux of the story.

Director Krishna Chaitanya has written a good script but executed it too poorly with his snail pace narration. This film has a lot scope to add commericial flavour but the director is failed to do that. Most of the dialogues are like eye opener to the viewers. Editing by Karthika srinivas is okay. A few unnecessary songs could have been chopped off. Cinematography by Om is good. Sunny MR composed music is nice,But the back ground score is not upto the mark. Production values are good.

The protagonist, Nara Rohit has nailed the role with his dialogue delivery. Infact, This is one of the best performances by him. Vishaka Singh’s role is not good but she tried her best to grab the viewers attention. Rao Ramesh played a negative role, He did his best. Posani krishna murali did a fabulous job with his comic timing. The supporting cast is okay in their respective roles.

However, Like prathinidi , Rowdy Fellow is also different movie in nara Rohit’s career. Go and Watch this movie if you have no problem with snail pace narration.

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