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RP angry on Committee members.

Rp patnaik very well known music director in telugu industry had not received the invitation of 100 years of Indian cinema. he had released the note asking for the reasons of not receiving the invitation and he posted a note on social network site.

His comments are

Dear ‘Telugu Film Industry’ may I know what is the eligibility required to get an invitation to attend 100years celebration of Indian cinema happening in Chennai? I’m told there are 600 ppl are participating from Telugu cinema. Are you sure I’m not supposed to be among those in the list?
1) I’m the Honorary President of Cine Musicians Union
2) member of the AP Film Chamber
3) Member of the AP Directors Union
4) nearly 40 films to my credits as a Music Director. 4 films as a writer Director, 3 films as an actor, nearly 200 films as a singer.
5) I’m a Singer, Music Director, Actor, Writer, Director and Producer.
6) Worked with almost all the major production houses and Heroes.
7) won the state govt. Nandi award 3 times as a Music Director and Writer.
My film Broker was short listed for the Finals in the National Awards from TFI for the year 2010.
9) Above all, dedicated my life only for the cinema.

If there are anymore eligibilities required pl enlighten me I will try to improve in me.

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