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Rudramadevi Review

Rudramadevi Review:

Director:Guna Shekar

Cast : Allu Arjun,Rana ,Anushaka,Prakash Raj,Suman,Vikramjeet

Language : Telugu

Genre : Historical Period war

Whats it about ?

Its about kakateeya dynasty and Rudrama devi’s grand rule in Andhra’s era. Rudramadevi identity is hidden and  raised as a boy as those days nobody believed in women power.So how Rudramadevi overcome these difficulties and how   she handled enemy ruler Mahadev Nayakudu.You have to watch on the screen how Gona gannareddy a bandit thief is related to this dynasty you have to watch on screen

Behind the camera

Ofcourse Gunashekar is the main and sole responsible for the movie as both Director and producer.He handeled the story in good way with nice screenplay except last 15 mins as it is a little confusing.VFX quality is good although in some scenes looks cartoonish. We are not in a postion to judge Mastero Ilayaraja’s talent but in this movie he completely failed in songs and BGM is not elevated any war scenes.Art work and Costume departments did their best for the grandeur.ofcource cinematography is an extra bonus for the film. Whoever designed war sequences succeeded in parts only.They should have been concentrated on more on war sequences

Before the Camera

Gona ganna reddy is the main foce for the film and stylish star looked very stylish in the role and he exceeded every frame with his accent and bunny concentrating on diction in every film like Devuddaa in Race Gurram ,Antha bagooodu in s/o  satyamurthi now ‘Gammmmunudavooooyi’ .Anushka his extraordinary as she played two roles a Rudra Deva and Rudrama devi.She fighted like a real princess and her performance in a boy role is amazing with the costumes.Suman ,Krishnam Raaju and Prakshraj Raj are equally good.Villain played by Vikramjeeth is not much to show his acting talent as his role is average.Rana is completely wasted in the role except for few songs

Whatz good ?

Bunny’s diction and dialogues as Gona ganna Reddy

Anushka’s dual role

Costumes,Art work and story

Emotions in the movie

Feminism points and kakateya’a era shown in good way

Whats not good?

War sequence should be taken care more as this is a historic film


Some scenes in 2nd half are done in hurry

Final Vedict

If war sequences taken care and kaaktiya’s era shown with real scenes not with Animation movie will be remembered as classic but even with its flaws Guna’s dedication and  Allu Arjun , anuskh’s performances movie is a nice effort and a one time watch for its pluses

Bottom Line : Rudramadevi is a nice effort with extraordinary performances from Anushka and AlluArjun

Rating – 3.25/5

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