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Runner Runner movie review

Cast : Ben affleck, Justin Timberlake, Gemma Arterton and Others

Directed by : Brad Furman

Language : English

Genre : Thriller Drama

Release date : 4th october 2013 (India)

Rating : 3/5

Music : Christophe beck

Bottom line : Not an Impressive thriller.

Plot : Richie furst ( Justin timberlake) is a finance grad student at princeton university.He is earning little money by referring his fellow peers to gambling websites.Princeton’s dean come to know about richie’s activites.
So,Dean threatened him to expel from the university unless he stop doing all illegal activities. Then he decides to gamble all the money he has on poker.later he is cheated by Mid black poker online game. He finds out that game is controlled from costa rica. He decides to go to costa rica to meet Ivan Bloke (Ben affleck) who is the boss of mid black. Ivan lured richie to become his man.Rebecca (Gemma arterthon) is a business partner of ivan. She finds herself smitten with richie, He is deeply entagled in illegal activties.He is subsequently kidnapped by local agent shavers. Shavers force him to do cooperate with him. Did he cooperate with him?? What happened to ivan bloke??are main parts of the story.

This is a 90 minutes film made by brad furman. He just only concentrated on plush cars, boats and scantily clad women. It fails to entice the audience with twists. It lacks all the essential elements that are required to a thriller. The next batman,Ben affleck has done his best to appear as the boss of online poker game. Justin timerlake steals the show upto some extent. He is good in his role. Gemma arterton looks so gorgeous. She justified her role. All the others characters have supported very well.However, This is not an impressive thriller.

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