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SachinJoshi fires on bandla Ganesh

Sachin Joshi tweeted heavily on twitter about Bandla ganesh’s deceit and sends a legal notice to Bandla Ganesh’s Production house.Tweets are

The notice is

“Bandla Ganesh the famous Producer of Telugu cinema joined hands with VIIKING MEDIA & Entertainment Pvt Ltd and made few films like Ne jatha ga Nenundali and few more films. Now Viiking media and Entertainment has  sent Legal notice  to Bandla Ganesh on cheque bounce  issue and bandla ganesh is failed to pay back money of Ne Jatha ga nenundali distribution amount along with distributors  at the same time he also cheated in his last film releases, he took money and not given name in Producer based on this Viiking Media and Entertainment has filed the case of 420 and Cheque Bouncing against Parmeshwara Arts Production and Bandla Ganesh.”


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