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Sahasam Movie Mini Review !!

One of the talented directors in Tollywood ‘Chandra Shekar Yelati’ well known for his psyclogical thriller ‘Anukokundaa Oka Roju’ and Critically acclaimed ‘Aiyte’ is coming up with a pure commerical adrenaline rushing thriller titled ‘Saahasam’.CS Yeleti teams up with talented ‘Gopichand’ and punjabi beauty ‘Tapsee Pannu’.In the past Gopichand worked in Chandra shekar yeletis ‘Okkadunadu’ which dealt with Bombay Blood group.

Censor Report:

Censor board had awarded this movie with “U/A” Certificate,board members appreciated the movie unit for coming up with a unique adventure theme.Movie has been carring positive talk amongst the censor board members.

Thumbs up:

Biggest USP of the movie is its director ‘Chandra Shekar Yeleti’.He has the nack of narrating out of the box theme’s in commerical format best examples are his previous hits ‘Anukokundaa Oka Roju’ and ‘Aitey’.This movie is thus far his costliest and technically advanced movie todate.Though the theme he picked for this movie is not different but the presentation makes all the difference.

Gopichand has been banking a lot on this movie,he fits the bill for the action hero role in this movie.Given his decent family image if the movie gets average to above average talk ‘Gopi chand’ can pull the families and masses to the theater.

Breath taking visuals and ‘PAK’ factor added with treasure hunt concept is first time for Tollywood audience.Movies very first trailer was well edited to show what the movie could offer.Trailers does promise good openings for the movie.

Thumbs down:

Like there is a saying ‘Strengths at times are weaknesses as well’, director might turn out to be a weakness for this movie.His movies will be minus commerical elements and masses might find it difficult to connect.If he could get the math right and connect to the masses this movie might work.

July is a busy month with back to back releases lined up if this movie were to end up in safe zone it needs to carry super positive talk right from day one..

Lets wish Gopi chand and Yeleti make a come back of sorts with this movie …………..

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