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Salman Khan may do Kaththi Remake with A.R Murugadoss

Latest Buzz is that A.R murugadoss is making Kaththi remake in hindi with Salman khan and Govinda.A.R Murugadoss made Katthi with  a simple and  sensnsible  story . Story revolves around between Vijay who is trying to help farmers to get back their lands from a corporate head who  wants to build a factory in their lands. Although the story is very simple murugadoss made with a sleek style. Vijay had a terrific screen presence and Anirudh’s BGM matched with the flow of  movie well.

Definitely this film suites Salman’s charisma and the story has many high movements  those can match upto Salmam khan’s stardom. Govinda will be a good choice to play the main villain of the movie as he got good appreciation for his bad guy role in Kill dill .Although the project is not yet confirmed,we hope it will starts soon .

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