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Sarainodu Review: Bunny saves the sync otherwise Dry Predictable

Sarainodu Review: Bunny saves the sync otherwise Dry Predictable

Directed by Boyapati Srinu
Produced by Allu Aravind
Screenplay by Boyapati Srinu
Story by Boyapati Srinu
Starring Allu Arjun, Rakul Preet Singh, Catherine Tresa, Srikanth and others
Music by S. Thaman
Cinematography Rishi Punjabi
Production company: Geetha Arts


The plot is about an army guy Gana(Allu Arjun)who walks out from there to solve the problems inside the system rather than border. He involves in a matter of Dhanush(Aadi) where he’s ruling the system and a CM son.How they both fight indirectly and in mean while Dhanush wants to kill Jaanu(Rakul). How Gana saved her and what’s the connection between Gana and Janu is the rest of the story.


  • Allu Arjun hits harder this time in performance and bashed dance in Blockbuster and title songs.
  • Rakul as usual gorgeous but her role is too short more than her Catherine smashed with hr beauty.
  • Aadi bumped in to the negative role perfectly but towards end the role becomes flat.
  • Some Dialogues by Ratnam strikes well here and there.
  • Director boyapati did neat job in taking wise but miserably failed in story and screenplay.
  • Couple of colliding scenes like interval bang, Rakul’s Marriage seeing and confrontation scene between ArJun and Aadi scene in house.
  • Comedy worked in parts but not thoroughly.
  • Cinematography and Choreography were knockouts.
  • Production Values were ravishing
  • Thaman songs were OK but terrible BGM.


  • Not at all new story or screenplay same to his previous films
  • Brahmi comedy didn’t worked out properly,Showing Catherine as MLA is a big joke.
  • Big actors like Srikanth,Saikumar didn’t used properly throughout.
  • Fights were bit over and below par first half.

Bottom-line: I was sorely tempted to write a single word review of Sarainodu is Pointless because with only couple of good scenes they made film around it.But I’ll resist and expand slightly.
The trailer strongly suggests an intelligent, exciting thriller of mass and intrigue with A-list stars, action, drama, plenty  of violence. The reality of Sarainodu is somewhat blander.
The ingredients are there but it just doesn’t work. The characters are half-written where we never get an impact rather than Aadi role.There is no depth, detail or intrigue to inspire us to invest our attention and, though we try to second guess the plot and look for the twists and double crosses lurking in the background, it transpires there are none to speak of and what we see is the sum total of it.
Sarainodu isn’t a bad film. It’s just a bland, boring, forgettable, dull thud with no echo but only with Allu Arjun Charisma.

CB Rating: 2.75/5

Reviewed By: Vinay…….

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