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Second Hand

Cast : Dhanya BalaKrishnan, Sudheer Varma, Sri Vishnu, Kireeti, Posani Krishnamurali and Others.

Directed by : Kishore Tirumala.

Language : Telugu

Release date : 14th december 2013.

Rating : 2.5/5

Music : Ravi Chandra.

Bottom Line : The collection of three short films rolled into one feature film.

Plot : Santhosh ( Sudheer Verma) is a professional photographer. He want to commit suicide owing to love failure. He happens to tell his love story with an unwelcomed guest, Subbarao (Kireeti). He fall in love with Deepu (Dhanya Balakrishnan) at first sight. Both love birds roam all over the city. In the mean time, Deepu parents bring an alliance for her. Santhosh want to take advantage of her with the fear of loosing her. Deepu dumps him by citing there is no faith in his love.
SubbaRao narrates his love story to santhosh. He is a dentist. His aim is to get married with a traditional girl. He goes to see a girl named swetcha (Dhanya). She tell him that she has already a boy friend. But subbarao is ready to marry her. He finds out that she has still an affair with him so he dumps her. While they are narrating to each other stories A love failure girl, Sahasra rammed santhosh’s motorcycle.
She shares her story with santhosh, subbarao and unnamed doctor (Posani).She has a best friend named siddhu (Anooj Ram). Siddhu has an another friend chaitanya (Sri vishnu), coming to hyderabad. Sahasra goes to fetch chaitanya from bus station. She is intially hate him, but fall in love with him later.she become pregnant . chaitanya is so nonchalant of her pregnancy. she decides to dump him. What is the main reason for their love failures? What is second hand?? Are main parts of the story.

Kishore tirumala has written and directed this this story. He has succeed in elevating the chemistry between the actors.Cinematography is not bad. Sekhar’ s editing is too good. Ravi chandra composed music is catchy. Production values are nice.

Dhanya balakrishna potrayed all the 3 female lead roles ( deepu, swetcha and Sahasra). There is quite variation among three roles but She did a decent job. Sudheer varma is nice in his role. Subbha rao character is one of the big assets for the film. Kireeti aced that role with his comic timming. Chaitanya is justified his role. Anooj ram is not bad. Posani krishna murali has done cameo apperance.

However, director binded up the three short films into one feature film. One time watchable.

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