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September God/Ghost Season For TFI ?

Many Telugu films which are either already completed or in post production stages are halted , makers are not able to lock on any particular release date, with Seema Andhra agitations increasing day by day makers are scare of releasing their movies.

Entire money has been locked as all films are of big heroes, no money transactions are happening between producers and distributors which is effecting entire film circle and all people including third parties who are related to film industry are suffering from this.

In this scenario September seems to be an game changer, irrespective of political situations Ram Charan has decided to go with Thoofan on September 6, while there are other films like Bhai, Masala, Ramaya Vastavaya and Attarintiki Daredi (Aug 29/Sep 20) ready tp hit screens in September, if it happens then there will one movie per week which is really bad, as all are biggies none of them can make profits, on the flip side if political situation still becomes worst then except Thoofan there wont be any other releases in September.

TFI is really facing a Bad Phase, lets hope for good.

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