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Shahrukh Khan eyeing on Pawan’s Atharintiki Daaredi

Shahrukh Khan is keen on Pawan’s latest flick. Interestingly, Pawan’s Atharintiki Daaredi and SRK’s upcoming comedy action Chennai Express are releasing in short gap. While Pawan is releasing on August 7th, SRK is hitting screens on 9th.

Shahrukh is king of overseas and inspite of mouth talk, most of his movies have done superb business in the territory as overseas because most of the NRIs like class entertainers. So SRK is eyeing on Atharintiki, which is a pure and clean family entertainer.

While other Bollywood stars are remaking South films, alone SRK was acting in straight Hindi pictures. Finally, he understood the value of South and planning to remake Atharitniki Daaredi.

SRK might decide on the price to be paid for the producer on remake rights once film releases at BO on 7th August.

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