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Shamitabh movie review

Cast : Amitabh bachchan, Dhanush, Akshara Haasan and Others.

Directed by : R Balki.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Drama Comedy.

Release date : 6th February 2015.

Rating : 3.5/5.

Bottom Line : Shamitabh gamble works.

Shamitabh brings  two talents together. Young tamil super star Dhanush has teamed up with legendary bollywood actor, Amitabh bachchan for his second venture in bollywood after Ranjhaana. There is a lot of expectations on this much awaited movie of this year. Let’s movie into the review to know whether Shamitabh will live upto expectations or not.

The first scene is An overnight super star Shamitabh (Dhanush) addresses to press then we move into flashback.  In a small remote village of maharastra, A school kid named Dhanush, Who is a dumb, wants to become an actor. His mother and teachers gets irked with dhanush antics. As he become young his mother passes away then he heads to mumbai to pursue his ambition. In mumbai, The aspiring actor bumps into an assistant director, Akshara pandey ( Akshara Haasan). The assistant director understands the passion of dhanush and wants to help him.Director rejects him owing to his dumbness. With the help aksharas father, Dhanush can able to speak only if with the voice over of someone else. At this juncture, Dhanush likes the voice of a drunkard, Amitabh ( Amitabh Bachchan). He pleads Amitabh to lend his voice to him. Amitabh agree to do it.  Directors wants to rename the aspiring actor. Dhanush become superstar  shamitabh in no time. Coming to present, Amitabh and Dhanush decide to go in their own ways.  Why they want to go in their own ways andWhat happened to them? Are main parts of the story.

Shamitabh has a refreshing script, which we rarely witness in indian cinema. Balki has potrayed his characters very well. He is succeded at extracting the finest performances from his cast. Some one liners mouthed by amitabh are extremely good. Editing is good. Camera man handles his work very well. Ilayaraaja’s music is an additional attraction to this ensemble cast movie.

Amitabh bachchan has excelled in this role, as he ageing, his talent accumulating year by year.His comic timing and dialogue delivery is exemplary. As script demands Dhanush didn’t get chance to mouth a dialogue but he emoted superbly. Perhaps he steals the hearts of viewers with top-notch performance.  Akshara Haasan has done a fabulous job on her debut. The supporting cast has done a fair job.

On the whole, lead cast performances and refreshing subject is suffice to draw the crowd to theatres. Shamitabh gamble works at the box office even though it doesn’t have a happy ending. Nevertheless, This will rake in huge  collections at the box office. Watch this movie with your family and friends.

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