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Sherlock season 4 Episode 3 special analysis

the episode has definitely not best episode of the series but definitely will be in top 5 for me .

1.This is one of the spisode where we will see Sherlock,Mycroft and Watson working together for entire episode which is very great to watch

2.This episode is where bendict showed his acting range as a traumatized and more emotional which is really good

3.There are many emotional moments like finding the truth of Red beard,Mycroft manipulation to be killed by Sherlock,The I love yo phone call scene etc

The action set pieces are also very great in every scene it seems lots of budget has been allocated to this episode

I loved this scene very much although little bit over the top but it is so sudden

The final home of sherlock and the emotional aspect to the story of red beard is really great

The end scene where he says Thank you to Inspector Lestrade is shows sherlock is again became more human because he let go of his past which is the most important point of the character journey

Coming to the negatives

  1. the sister Eurus shown as a super human although mentioned that she has IQ of Newton still hypnotizing whole prison for entire time is little bit overdone
  2. The whole point of plane is started good but ended illogical to the viewer
  3. The reason why sister did it because of emotional negligence and changing her character graph is not able to accept
  4. In this episode where Sherlock used lesser logic and the final problem is only a poem which he figures in 5 mins in end
  5. Finally the most loved character Moriarty appeared as a flashback and shown as a puppet of Euros

Overall this is a good episode and emotional point of view one of the best episode .In this series the best episode is Lying detective for its logic , In that episode the drug scenes in night are really great to watch and villain is really terrific in his act

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