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Shruti’s right decision in the end !!

It is true that our present is the sum total of the decisions we have made thus far. This proved right in the career of the current golden led of Tollywood the beautiful and multi talented artist Shruti Hassan. The actress was facing hard times in her career with her films and career in both Bollywood and Tollywood failing at the box office.

At that point Shruti recalls Harish Shankar coming to her with the script. Shruti reportedly said that she initially said no to Harish as it was the remake of Dabangg and the heroine’s role did not have much scope. But Harish reportedly narrated the story and asked Shruti to decide after that and has made enough changes to the script post which She liked the script and her character and said yes to the film.

Shruti reportedly added that Harish Shankar promised her a nice role in his other film and hence she is now working with Junior NTR in ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’. She reportedly stated that though her role is short it’s a significant one for the film. Shruti who is basking in the success of her latest film ‘Balupu’ opposite Ravi Teja has her kitty full with ‘Ramayya Vastavayya’ and ‘Race Gurram’ in Tollywood.

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