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Shyam Gopal Varma Movie review

Cast : Shafi, Zoya khan, Chanti, Jeeva, Jaya Prakash and Others.

Directed by : Rakesh srinivas.

Language : Telugu.

Genre : Comedy.

Release date : 1st January 2015.

Rating : 2/5.

Music : Mantra Anand.

Bottom line : A poor attempt.

Telugu film industry starts new year with a small film and it is satirical comedy. Talented actor Shafi is playing the lead role. Let’s see how it is.

The films opens with a maverick cinema director, Shyam Gopal Varma ( Shafi ) makes crime and horror films. One day he gets kidnapped by an unknown person. He is confined in a dilapidated house with a legchain. There is no way out, but our maverick director uses his brain at the right time and escapes from that house. After getting into safe zone, Director hunts for the man, who wants to kill him. How the director hunt down that stranger? Why that unknown person tries to kill the director? ! Are main parts of the story.

Debutant Rakesh srinivas has  come up with a good concept, but failed at execution. It would have been a better if it was meticulously directed. The first half of the film shows us how the protagonist gets kidnapped and his ordeal in that dilapidated house. The latter half is all about how he ascertained the identity of villain. Rakesh tried to tell us about the loopholes of Telugu film industry in a satirical way, .but he failed to do that. Comedy quotient is less. Dialogues are not bad Editing by Karthika Srinivas is good. Cinematography is nice. Production values by samisti creations are good.

Talented actor shafi  has done decent job. His dialogue delivery and body language is too good to watch. New girl, Zoya khan hasn’t got much screen space to prove her skills. Jaya Prakash reddy did a good job with his comic timing.  Chanti and Harish scenes are annoying. Rest of the cast have done a decent job.

On the whole, A shyam Gopala Varma has a good concept but it failed to entertain the viewers. Better to skip this movie if you want to start new year with a better movie.

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