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Sicario Film Analysis-A well executed thriller with gorgeous cinematography

In 2015 one of the most critical acclaimed film named Sicario got released and Movie is about an Fbi Agent Played by Emily blunt teams up with a team primarly led by Benic del toro to track a drug kingpin/Don .Story is pretty good and the setup around the movie is awesome.

Sicario in Mexican language means a hit man .First of all movie is having gorgeous cinematography with wonderful locations.First opening sequence establishes how the movie will be.This is the best example for writers to write opening scene because it is having suspence, introducing the theme and introducing the primary character to the audience

Emily blunt characterization handled brilliantly because although she is an expert in her FBI domain ,she is novice in dealing with the new mission(To track down  drug dealer).She is always in a moral dilemma in this mission and Emily is perfect fit in her character ,  Benic Del toro character is he is an expert in interrogation,nabbing drug dealers,dealing with people etc.

In first half of the movie  scene involving a traffic shoot out is extraordinary.The setup and suspense in the scene is awesome.Climax of the movie is quite good and little bit shocking .watch the movie and you will understand

In technical aspects –cinematography is a standout and lots of shots are there which are quite technically sound.Locations are quite real and added the depth  to the camera.Editing is crisp in some scenes but over all they should have been trimmed some scenes in second half

Movie has theme that to track down evil you have to think like evil.So film lovers who wants to watch Fbi thrillers with some action scenes movie is a worth watch your time.There are lots of conversations are there so sometimes you can be feel bored but there are lots of scenes which they executed extraordinarily .Finally movie is a worth your time and So for cinematography students it is a treat to watch

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