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Siddharth-Samantha affair common ending !!

It is a known fact that news of affairs between actors and their dwindling away is very common. But at times some rumors catch so much weight that many tend to believe that the affair is heading towards a steady relationship. One such rumor that seemed to be going steady was that of Siddharth and Samantha.

Film Industry circles were abuzz about the couple being pretty about their relationship and that they will be tying the knot soon. There were also rumors about Samantha leaving the decision of whether or not she should continue working in films to Siddharth. But now things seem to have changed so much so that many are wondering if there was any truth to the rumors at all.

A recent announcement by Siddharth that he is ready to tie the knot but said that he will not be marrying an actress and on the other hand Samantha made it clear that marriage is the last thing on her mind at this point. Its curtains down for yet another alleged affair in the film industry.

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