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Singam (Yamudu 2) Movie Review !!

CB Rating: 2.75/5
Main cast: Suriya,Anushka,Hansika
Producer: S.Lakshman Kumar
Director: Hari
Music: DevisriPrasad

When you consider that Ghajini, Suriya had no genuine hit in Telugu and trying rather a lot to entertain us. Singam (Yamudu 2) had launched without hype in Telugu. Anushka and Hansika are paired opposite Suriya. Devisriprasad scored the tunes and Hari directed it. Let’s check out whether it received or lost at box office.

Narasimha (Suriya) joins as an NCC coach in a school in Kakinada (Revise the first part). Mukesh rushi and Rahman deals with drug mafia and supply drugs to college students. After some incidents, Suriya takes as a charge of Deputy commissioner of police and begins ‘Operation D’ to seize Daniel, an international drug seller. The rest of the story is all about how suriya catches daniel.

Suriya is as ordinary as the angry young man. His dialogue delivery is just right which mass audience will connect. Overall he showed his energy. Anushka as glamour doll is good as she had no scope to act. Her oomph factor worked on songs. Hansika in limited character. Santhanam comedy is good in the first half. Mukesh rushi and Rahman are at perfect.Rest are at their absolute best.

The First half is entertaining with Santhanam dialogues whereas the second half is plain with action episodes. The racy screenplay and regular cam angles make you watch on the edges of your seat however after completing you are going to feel incomplete. The ending should were better. Anushka has been only for songs. After watching the film you will come to know that so many police centric action pictures are involved.

Direction of Hari is excellent. His approach of taking in action scenes is superb. Cinematography by Priyan is good as he canned the fights well especially the chasing scene in SA. Telugu dialogues by Shashank vennelakanti are adequate. Tracks by Devisri prasad will not be upto the mark. Editing by V.T.Vijayan is great. The Production values of Green Studio are rich.

Watch it if you like pacca commercial Movies

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