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In our previous article, we came to know about Cinematography, a basic pillar in film making. We can get a brief picture of what is what by those presented resources. Now, with this knowledge we can go to test our presentation skills. This stage can be considered as testing period to hone our technical skills.

We can acquire skills to operate video camera with tools at low cost. By planning each and every frame thoroughly, we can develop a beautiful cinema with our available video devices. We can utilize our smart phones to develop short films, documentaries and even an independent feature film by planning accordingly with necessary upgrades as well as cautions. Among smart phones, iphone 5c and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 are considered as base devices to go for shooting films. There are some other DIY camera devices developed through open source software which are affordable for first time film makers. But for testing our skills, our smart phones are sufficient.

Here we are presenting few useful resources to get a clear picture about smart phone film making and why we say some cautions to be maintained, can be known through them.

Shooting with Smart Phone Device:

APPS for Iphone:

Free APPS:

Video Gear for smart phones:

For In-Depth Knowledge about gear, you can refer here.

Depth of Field: (To make film look beautiful)


Film making Folks, you can get regular updates regarding smart phone film making by following our Facebook / Twitter accounts. And we are also planning to provide our support in developing Short films, Documentaries and Feature length films in future. There you can upgrade your knowledge about 24 crafts in film making and reach your goal smoothly.

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