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Snapchat CEO comments on India article take

I am giving my personal opinion here

  • First it is a closed private businness meeting so he has his opinions but as a global CEO of a reputated company he has to take care of his words when giving opinions
  • We don’t know his exaact statments but if he said like exactly as media quoting then it is a bit offensive
  • calling spain and India as poor among 196 contries is really a bit far fetched
  • As this in internet age everything should be taken consideration before speak especillay these leaders of bussiness
  • Mainly Indians are offensed because not only this issue but constant portrayel of India in west.i am not saying India is greatest and resourcful country and we has our downfalls and as Indian political leaders rarely oppose other countriers leaders or opinions of others we alwayse been looked down.One of the example is a cartoon depecting Indian space potential
Snapchat CEO Comments On India Article Take
  • coming to the downside many Indians sharing memes on social websites by saying like Indian banks gave these many crortes to vijay malya,out begger earns one of highest salary,Do you know the biggest holder in SWISS bank?India etc ,
  • really suddenly we are proud of cheaters,beggers and corrupt politicaians to satisfy our little ego.This is takinf far instead of focussing on real issues.Its already been a day so Indians should move on from this issue and fight for real issues…
  • We never trend on twitter to bringback Vijay malya,fighting rape or standing for farmers but we continuopuly trending boyycatt Snapchat because its easy to do so
  • Comparing silly things and being proude of shit things to satisy our ego
Snapchat CEO Comments On India Article Take
  • And one of the hilarious thing is many are uninstalling snapdeal by confusing with sanpchat
Snapchat CEO Comments On India Article Take

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