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Snowden Film Analysis – An accurate portrayal of US whistle blower on CIA operation NSA

Snowden  whats it about ?

The NSA’s illegal surveillance techniques are leaked to the public by one of the agency’s employees, Edward Snowden, in the form of thousands of classified documents distributed to the press

Who is snowden?

He worked for CIA and he is top most contributor in NSA (National Surveillance Agency  ).NSA is a program designed to identify terror threats but in many cases it leads to follow innocents information for particular lead.For some pro government  it may feel right thing but we can see it has a higher probability of  misused .Snowden took the information and leaked to the press and currently he is in moscow as he is considered a traitor in USA

How well it handled the portrayal ?

Director oliver stone is a master in making political controversial movies and he did great job with this movie.He balanced equally the government and whistleblowers .I think he withheld alots of information to himself and played a safe game here.Still it is a great attempt on this NSA  program.Josepg Gordan Levitt talked exactly like snowden and the voice makeover proves he is serious to his craft.Every actor shined in their roles.

The love scenes handled good and lots of emotion is there in the story


Some scenes stood out well in the movie.

  1. The scene where he discovers that many of world population having been monitored continuously like their chats, skype videoes,phone calls etc is really effective
  2. The scene where he discovers how NSA giving information to CIA field operatives based on potential threats sim card signal.In that scene snowden sees the horror where CIA blows a van based on info.The thoughts running in snowden mind will be – what if the entire family is innocent?what if that target has already been through out his sim card ?is is good to blow people with out confirming is the sim with the threat ?ofcource in movie we can hear a dialogue saying CIA field operatives will do only after confirming all these things but in reality it is a very tough task

3.The final scene of  the interview  is well directed

The economist called him as a villain and says Edward snowden is US property. See this kind of attitude is complete wrong calling a person as a property and labeling him as a villain because he leaked classified information  .ofcource leaking national security information is a serious crime but to whom he leaked to?and what part of information he leaked?He leaked the info that public is under constant surveillance to the public .Its people right  to question government and Journalists should question goverment and should be a bridge between people and government.Our media is now in corporate hands and we are getting constantly the info what they want to put .if media don’t change then whistleblowers will increase .For me he is a hero because not only NSA monitored threats but most of people with most of countries which is a serious breach for all other countries so every government has a responsibility to make sure these kind of NSA programs are to be approved with all countries governments

Finally movie can be watched atleast once for its concept.Don’t expect a nail biting thriller and mind games because movie is kind of documentary but you will be entertained if you like political movies

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