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Social Film Network

The key point which is helpful in completing any video project is networking. Connecting with professionals in our field of interest will help our professional journey to run smoothly. In digital era, where everything was connected for hassle free communication, we observed a group of institutions which are way forward in this aspect of supporting film making enthusiasts. Through them you can get support in technical crew, Artistic crew and marketing crew for promoting our project. You can have a brief view about their activities by visiting their websites. You can expect professionalism from them and be careful while handling them.

Octopus Studios:

Official Website


Youtube Channel

Telugu one:

Official Website

Youtube Channel

iQlik Movies:

Official Website

Youtube Channel


Last but not least – Lamakaan

Official Website

Note: This post refer to networking in Hyderabad, Telangana, India only.

Film making Folks, you can get regular updates regarding Social Film Networking, by following our Facebook / Twitter accounts. And we are also planning to provide our support in developing Short films, Documentaries and Feature length films in future. There you can upgrade your knowledge about 24 crafts in film making and reach your goal smoothly.



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