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Some Fact about Pawan Kalyan reviled by a Fan

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“Raziuddin Nayyar”
He is diehard fan of pawan. he is saying-
“My dear friends and respected enemies, im here to discuss few things, about Pawan Kalyan. if u like him, do read it. if u dont like him, then definitelyread. here is the topic

i need some of my doubts to be clarified first before discussing this issue.

1. Pawan kalyan donates 1 crore from his remmunaration to orphanage . most of the industry people know it. why dont they talk about it???????

2. During his movie shooting one light boy died due to electric shock. thats none of his business. he gave 10 lakhs cheque to the person’s family and he is spending the money for studies of his children. why dont u post in facebook regarding this matter????????? ??

3. Recently in cameraman ganga tho rambabu shooting, due to over crowd, the shooting has been cancelled, y the hell pawan kalyan beared the expenses for that day? he dont want the producer to suffer. y dont u discuss regarding this issue????

4. At the shooting time of gabbar singh, pavala shyamala… artist in tfi(who played the roleof sangeetha’s mother in khadgam) came to pawan kalyan and urged for help. her daughter is sufferingfrom dreadful disease. immediately pawan kalyan gave 50000 which he have with him in car. she sent her along with her daughter in his audi car to apollo hospital and he beared all her expenses in hospital. why dont u bastards discuss about this issue???

5.During the time of prajarajyam party canavasing , in warangal district he laid a bore with his personal money for helping the poor people who walk 3 kms for water. why dont you idiots make this a big issue??????

6.he is the one of the gud personsin industry who pays insurance for the persons who work in his house.
most of the people know it. y dont u discuss this matter?????????

7.trivikram, he himself said that pawan kalyan dont know about the value of money… he spends more and more to the people who come and ask for help. pawakalyan asked trivikram that if 20 lakhs is enough for the needy people? why dont you discuss this????

one of my friend (she is a girl) posted in her timeline saying that pawan kalyan married again. this message is mainly to her and to all who are discussing on it. Have u seen pawan kalyan marrying that girl???? if yes did she came and complained you that pawan kalyan is not taking care of her and harrassing her????? did renu desai came and told that pawan kalyan left her??? i think u dont know that pawan kalyan came with renu desai to vijayawada recently to attend a marriage. where the hell you are while this news came?? if he roams with another woman or with hundred woman its his . personal issue. why do you bother?? if really pawan married another girl then renu desai madam will not be quiet na??? opposition parties, who are waiting for a chance to throw rumours on chiranjeevi will they leave this issue calmly??????

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