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Spiderman review – On of the best in spider man films

Whats it about ?

Spiderman wants to be a full range Avenger but Tony is not having full confidence on spiderman .So can spider man overcome this and has to stop the deadliest villain Vulture

Whats good

  • Tom Holland is great a spider man and whole high school episodes shows his humor while as Spiderman he did one of the classiest performance .He is just 19 when this film is on shoot .So a very great talent for his age
  • Story line is also pretty decent by mixing many elements
  • Vulture motivations and his characterization is very fascinating .One of the best villain in marvel movies .Michel keaton did with ease
  • Fight sequences are brilliant done and especially flight sequence done with brilliant creativity
  • Cinematography is great as usual like marvel movies with friendly colors
  • Acting is ver good and ever actor dis their best .

Finally movie is a great comic book movie and will be remembered  as one of great spiderman movie .Watch this movie in theaters for ultimate experience


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