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Spot dubbing Hollywood and Film industry article

1.Now a days most of Hollywood shootings are taking place in studio itself .Example is Jungle book whole movie shooting just in a room with that boy and everything is VFX

2. So capturing sound is very easy on shoot itself

3.Now coming to Indian movies most of shoots especially takes place on raods ,public places and real locations due to budget constraints

3.If you ever watched areal shoot of Indian movies you will understand how much noise everyone makes .I think our Industry need to improve lot on on set discipline .Everyone will be screaming ,roaming around and even public makes lots of noise when at shooting spots. So it is extremely difficult to capture sound on sets

4.Not to mention Hollywood studios are much advanced ,sophisticated and equipped compare to our studios

5.Even some of Indian movies are now doing sound capturing for some scenes on set

For more info see this article on complete audio filmmsaking

Basic Audio Techniques for Video: Intro To Booming

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