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Sumanth : The most unlucky Hero of Tollywood

1) The classic film ‘Tholi Prema’ was first offered to Sumanth and it went to Pawan Kalyan after facing his rejection. The rest is what we call history!
2) Director Vijay Bhaskar first approached Sumanth with the script of ‘Nuvve Kavali’ and this film made Tarun an overnight star in AP.
3) Puri Jagannath thought of casting Sumanth for the iconic role of chanti in ‘Idiot’. It finally went to Raviteja as the Akkineni hero turned down the script.
Interestingly, All of these films were the biggest turning points in the careers of three heroes. The lack of proper judgment on scripts is the reason behind Sumanth’s fading career. He could have at least got some mileage if he had worked in anyone of those blockbusters. Poor Guy!

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