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Suriya,ajays special interview- talked about 24 movie

Suriya talked in teugu most of the time in interview.its good to see Ajay getting his due

1.Suriya thanked telugu audience for their support to his films

2.Talked about Manam and screenplay of Vikram kumar

3.He said narration will be simpler and look will be like Disney films

4.Talked about Rajamouli vision and same way for 24 also production values are good

5.Talked about time travel and love track in time travel

6.Ajay thanked suriya for his role

7.Ajay character is Suriya s follower

8.Ajay is hoping for more tamil roles afther 24

9.Suriya Talked about camera angles and how cinematographer did different things

10.Ajay talked about suriya s 3 charecters in the movie

11.Suriya asked vikram kumar which character will be liked more and vikram replied that suriya character as producer is best

12.Ajay liked aatreya character very much

13.Suriya is not keen to do double roles from next as it is a very difficult process

14.Singham 3 will be on October

15.If risk involved only good films will come


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