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surya vs surya movie review

Surya vs Surya

Surya Vs Surya is an different attempt directed & Cinematography by ‘Karthikeya fame’ Karthik
Ghattamaneni.Movie starring Nikhil Siddhartha,
Tridha Choudhury,Bharani & Satya. Produced by  Malkapuram Shiva Kumar in the Banner of Suraksh Entertainments.Music composed by Satya Mahaveer.


Plot: The plot is about ‘Surya’ who is suffering from Porphyria, a type of disorder which don’t allows him to face Sun.With this disorder he loves a Journo Sanjanna (Tridha).How he sustains his love is the rest of story.

Plus:Nikhil’s new role,Cinematography & Direction was Interesting,Production Values were Grand,Interesting concept with Bharani & Satya Comedy scenes.

Minus: Moderate Music, Average Performance by Heroine, Slow ‘n’ slow screenplay, 2nd half disappoints & Bad editing.

Bottom-Line: Karthik’s Concept & Cinematography was Great. It is a really interesting thriller that is well acted and despite being predictable it has a very clever plot versus underlying plot script. The developments in the story was supposedly real world. It’s adequately somber. The twists towards the end were a bit obvious in my opinion.Nikhil’s Selction of concepts & performance was mature.Madhubala made an impact in Mother’s role.  I think that’s just an excuse for a script
which was too obsessed with its lengthy Screenplay.

Reviewed By:Vinay..

Rating : 3/5

Surya Vs Surya Review: Very Clever Plot
Versus Underlying Plot Script.

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