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Weekend special story – Top 5 films by Christopher nolan


The best thing about Nolan movies is quality,story telling and dialogues 1.Dark knight Dark knight is one of best super hero movie not only in terms of performances ,technical brilliance but in terms of exploring characters psychology.We got one of best villain performance in history of movies. The cinematography is top notch instead of colorful a neo noir type cinematography …

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Nolan on his thoughts on filmdirection Inception


Nolan on thoughts behind film inception- article is from a filmmaking blog Wired: A common observation about your movie is that the grammar of dreams and the grammar of filmmaking have lots of overlap—Inception seems to be a movie about making movies. Saito is a producer, Cobb’s a director, Ariadne’s a writer, and so on. Was that your intention Nolan: I …

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Christopher Nolan’s Short film Doodlebug


  This is the first short film did by Batman fame Christopher Nolan in his younger days.Film opens with  both man eyes are searching for something and title Doodlebug comes on his face.Film opens with a dark lighning apartment where a man want to kill a bug/insect (his own image)with a shoe.And he kills each bug with a determined focus(by …

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