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Snapchat CEO comments on India article take


I am giving my personal opinion here First it is a closed private businness meeting so he has his opinions but as a global CEO of a reputated company he has to take care of his words when giving opinions We don’t know his exaact statments but if he said like exactly as media quoting then it is a bit …

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Movies special list -nice Films for Intelligence audience


I already answered similar question and giving same answer here with added movies.Intillegence can be a philosophical or scientific or emotional .So some movies may be different to your opinion but give a try these movies Drive The number of analysis made on his character of drive itself shows what a deep mysterious classic it is.Normally gosling plays a chatter …

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Hollywood special – best dialogues article


Collateral “Get with it. Millions of galaxies of hundreds of millions of stars, in a speck on one in a blink. That’s us, lost in space. The cop, you, me… Who notices?” TOP GUN “I feel the need – the need for speed. Fight club Memento Rush opening conversation The film opens with a Niki lauda voice over by ‘Twenty-five …

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Philosophy special – What is the purpose of human life


This is the most hardest question to answer.This question raised in minds of many people and some of them became great scientists and some of them became great spiritual leaders.They are also not having a concrete proof but they had conclusions on existence of soul.Every answer will be a different to another as their paths are different and perceptions on …

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dhuruvangal pathinaaru Analysis – A thriller you shouldnt miss


There are some movies really good on par with Hollywood(non necessarily in budget but of in terms of story telling) Already Indian film  industry did  nice movies so I am giving recently released movie which is a nice thriller on level with Hollywood thrillers . dhuruvangal pathinaaru movie First it is a movie which is not having any songs unlike …

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How to read analyze or understand a dilm


First is common sense .If you are in a view to to read and compare to real world then it will fail.You will be nitpicking everything and you will disconnect with film. if you are seeing scifi then human brain will automatically tune to certail level of liberty and if you are going to see real biography dramas then human …

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Article on which films are best to watch scifi or Love ?


Its depends on individual perceptive Love is known for the beginning of Human origins still we don’t know how it works .So love movies tend to be a certain pattern and the outcome will be two .Either they will unite or they will be separated .The emotions behind them are really complex and no science can explain this Science is …

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mental health is one of neglected thing in your life -take care of it now


After watching Dear zindagi —it is a truth that mental health is one of most important thing if you experience a hard situation then increasing tour mental strength is very difficult .It requires determination,loving your self more and others support. one of the best way to improve is loving your self whteer the situation is.If you ca’y love your own …

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